Friday, April 15, 2016

See. Be. Draw. - What's in a name?

On April 15, 2006, 10 years ago today, I posted the first post to my first See. Be. Draw. blog. This is what I wrote:
See. Be. Draw. - What's in a name?

See - In drawing from life, it's all about the eye-hand coordination. If the link between the eye and the hand were perfectly synchronized, we would never need to look at our drawing, only at the subject matter.

Be - We spend much time doing, less so just being. I find that when I draw, I am here, present, instead of spending time in the past or the future.

Draw - That's right! How about right now?
Today, I find that See. Be. Draw. represents even more to me.

Drawing from life and seeing, really seeing what is in front of me. As details are revealed, beauty is everywhere. Drawing from within, using my inner sight to envision what I feel.

From stillness creation is born. Being, body and mind relaxing, expanding, filing away the old, making space for the new and unexpected connections and associations.

Drawing, painting, writing, creating. It is all one.

Happy Anniversary, See. Be. Draw.!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mindful drawing

Standing Strong.
Pen on yellow note.
© 2016 See. Be. Draw.®

Watching the frozen river inlet
I see a tree right in front of me
standing so still
so steady
its roots firmly planted in the ground.

I find a yellow note and a cheap pen
and I draw.
Slowly, deliberately, mindfully.
I draw.

Seeing the tree,
really seeing the tree,
getting to know it through my pen,
understanding how it is built.

Becoming the tree.
Feeling tension dissipate
down my roots.
The mind calms down and focuses.

Being the tree.
Sitting still,
standing strong.

Drawing the tree.