Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Comparing W&N and Daniel Smith: Cobalt Turquoise

How does Winsor & Newton's recently reformulated watercolor Cobalt Turquoise compare to Daniel Smith's Cobalt Turquoise? These two colors share the same name, but not the same pigments or characteristics.

Cobalt Turquoise
Pigment: PB28/PB36 (W&N) / PB36 (DS)
Characteristics: Semi-opaque (W&N) / semi-transparent (DS), granulating (both brands)
Comparing Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith watercolors: Cobalt Turquoise
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W&N recently reformulated their Cobalt Turquoise from the original PB36 to a mix of PB36 and PB28. I have not been able to find out the reason for the switch, but to my eye, the color still looks much the same. However, since I do not have any old tubes left, I cannot tell for certain, especially not how it used to behave when mixed.

When comparing the two brands, using W&N's new and reformulated Cobalt Turquoise, I found it a bluer hue and more opaque and saturated than DS. As you can see in the color mix above, it can hold its own when mixed with Permanent Rose and takes several more steps to dilute. DS Cobalt Turquoise is greener and less opaque. It dilutes quickly and when mixed with Permanent Rose, PR took over the mix.

Översättning. Jag jämförde Winsor & Newtons och Daniel Smiths akvarellfärg cobalt turquoise. Den förra omformulerades nyligen från PB36 till en blanding av PB36 och PB28 medan den senare enbart tillverkas av PB36. W&N är blåare och mer koncentrerad medan DS går mer åt det gröna hållet och inte är lika koncentrerad.

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