Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Comparing W&N and Daniel Smith: Indian Red

How does Winsor & Newton's watercolor Indian Red compare with Daniel Smith's Indian Red? These two colors share the same name and contain the same pigment, but still look different.

Indian Red

Pigment: PR101 (both brands)
Characteristics: Opaque (both brands), granulating (DS)

Comparing Winsor & Newton and Daniel Smith watercolors: Indian Red
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The interesting thing about Indian Red is that it is a red earth color with a purplish cast to it. I find Indian Red a very beautiful color in both of these brands. W&N Indian Red is a very opaque reddish-brown. It is very saturated and tends to dominate mixes, such as the mix with Cobalt Turquoise above. In comparison, DS Indian Red is cooler and bluer, a bit less opaque and easier to dilute. Unless used full strength, it tends to look a bit chalky, also in mixes. In this case, perhaps both mixtures would have benefited from a bit more water!

Översättning. Jag jämförde Winsor & Newtons och Daniel Smiths akvarellfärg indian red. De är tillverkade av samma pigment, PR101, och är båda täckande, men skiljer ändå i kulör och temperatur. W&N är mycket koncentrerad och dominerar färgblandningar, medan DS är en kallare färg som inte är lika koncentrerad.

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