Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Dark watercolors: Perylenes, Indanthrone, and Prussians

My latest obsession is with the Perylene family of watercolors. Let's take a look at these versatile and potent darks, all from Daniel Smith (except one of the Perylene Maroons, which is from Winsor & Newton). I also included Indanthrone Blue and two Prussians in the lineup.
Perylenes, Indanthrone, and Prussians
© 2016 Anna C./See. Be. Draw.

Perylene Red

Pigment: PR178
Characteristics: Semi-transparent, staining

Perylene Red is a strong red color that turns softer as it dilutes. A little goes a (very) long way as with all of the Perylenes.

Perylene Maroon

Pigment: PR179
Characteristics: Semi-transparent (DS) / transparent (W&N), staining (both brands)

The W&N Perylene Maroon is a permanent fixture on my palette. It is more red than DS and can be mixed with Permanent Rose for a red color approximating Alizarin Crimson. The DS Perylene Maroon is a maroon that leans toward brown, almost black in full concentration, but much less saturated than W&N and dilutes easily as seen in the chart.

Perylene Violet

Pigment: PV29
Characteristics: Transparent, staining

Another dark, a reddish-brownish violet that is almost black in full concentration, and that turns into a cloudy purple as it dilutes.

Perylene Green

Pigment: PBk31
Characteristics: Semi-transparent, staining

And yet another dark, this time a green, made from a black pigment and indeed almost black in full concentration. This color turns into a cloudy green as it dilutes.

Indanthrone Blue

Pigment: PB60
Characteristics: Transparent, staining

Indanthrone Blue holds its own in this lineup of strong darks, as it, too, is almost black in full concentration and turns into a cloudy blue as it dilutes.

Prussian Blue

Pigment: PB27
Characteristics: Transparent, granulating, staining

Prussian Green

Pigment: PB27, PY35
Characteristics: Semi-transparent, granulating, staining

The Prussians are not quite as dark, but still hold up well in this company. These are also two more natural looking options to Winsor or Phthalo Blue or Green. Note that the Prussians come with a special footnote that states that they are fluctuating colors that fade in the light and recover in the dark! However, I have not used them enough to put this to the test yet.

Översättning. Ett par alternativ till svart är färgerna i perylene-familjen. Perylene maroon, perylene violet och perylene green, alla från Daniel Smith, är nästan svarta i full koncentration, liksom indanthrone blue. W&N har också en perylene maroon, vilken har en permanent plats på min palett. Den är lite rödare än den från DS och kan blandas med permanent rose för en ersättare till alizarin crimson. 

Prussian blue och prussian green är två andra färger som i full koncentration även de är mörka. De är dessutom alternativ till winsor/phtalo blue och green, men kommer med förbehållet att de fluktuerar i färgstyrka med ljus och mörker vilket kan vara bra att känna till.

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