Saturday, July 30, 2016

Tips for Art Fair visitors

Who doesn't love visiting art galleries and art fairs? Meeting artists, seeing different techniques and media used, and the sheer good energy of so many of us gathered in the same location!

What to think about when visiting an art fair in the middle of the summer? What to wear? What to bring? The best day to visit? The best time? Where to begin? And more! There are perhaps as many answers to these questions as there are visitors, but here are my top tips for a successful art fair visit.

1. Dress for the sun! Be prepared for scorching hot days in the sun and dress accordingly. I recommend loose pants or a long dress, a loose top or tee, perhaps with a loose long-sleeved shirt over it. Stay away from synthetic fabrics and go natural, such as linen. A wide-brimmed sun hat and sunglasses complete the look. 

2. Dress for the art! Now is the time to show off that artsy necklace or handscreened top. I find that many visitors do indeed show off their affinity for art!

3. Don't forget sun protection. Even with long clothing and a wide-brimmed sun hat you will get sunburned.

4. Wear comfortable shoes that are not too hot, such as a pair of good walking sandals that don't cause blisters.

5. Bring a water bottle and maybe even a rehydration sports drink for quick replenishment of electrolytes. A snack always comes in handy too.

6. Be prepared for rain too. Pack a small umbrella just in case.

7. Pack the essentials in a light and comfortable bag. You want to carry as little as possible, but still bring what you need for the day. A pocket-size foldable tote bag may come in handy too. Include pen and paper if you want to make notes of booths and artists you like.

8. The best day to visit depends on the weather, but I generally recommend the first day of multi-day fairs. At that time, artists and visitors are still in a good mood and not yet tired out by the heat and the long days, and there is the most choice in terms of artwork.

9. If you are trying to hit the coolest times, early mornings and late afternoons or evenings are for you.

10. Look up parking options ahead of time. If you are lucky, and early, you may get a parking spot nearby. Otherwise, there usually are bus options, with plenty of parking available at the end location.

11. Look at a map and plan your route loosely beforehand, starting with what is most important or interesting to you.

12. If it's a multi-day art fair, don't plan to see the entire art fair in one day. It is usually too big. For me, about 200 booths is about the limit of what I can actively take in. And don't think you will remember where that booth with that gorgeous painting was located after a few hours of steady art input, but make a note, or better yet, buy it now! Try to not have to double back too many times, as this adds to the mileage.

13. Plan for some time to sit in the shade and rest and drink some water.

14. Know the symptoms of heat stroke, heat exhaustion, dehydration, and salt depletion, just in case.

15. And leave your pet at home, it is just too hot! Small children are also more susceptible to heat-related problems.

16. Last but not least, enjoy spending the day with like-minded art aficionados in surroundings rife with high energy and positivity!

And now - see you at the Fair!

Översättning. Tips för dig som ska besöka en art fair under heta sommardagar i USA. Klä dig både för hetta och regn i svala och täckande kläder (t.ex. i linne), sköna sandaler, solhatt, solglasögon och solskydd. Ta med vattenflaska och litet paraply. Och känn till symptomen för solsting, värmeslag och uttorkning.