Friday, October 7, 2016

Benefits of completing a project

The act of completing a project is important for creativity for at least two reasons.

Completion is one of the final phases of the creative process. It involves:
  • Tying up loose ends and closing open trains of thought
  • Perhaps sending the project out into the world
  • Cleaning up both studio/office/house - and one's mind
  • Time for rest and recuperation
  • Moving on

Accomplishment builds confidence

The feeling of accomplishment when completing something cannot be overestimated. Every time we complete something, confidence builds. I did it! I can do this! And, most importantly, I can do it again.

Tip! In order to build confidence, you can start small! Do a small piece of art, write a short story, take a day-trip. Each sense of accomplishment, of completing a project, albeit a small project, is a building block in the confidence arena.

Completion makes space for new possibilities

Once I complete a project that has previously occupied a large amount of mental server space or working memory, there is a mental release of sorts. As old information is filed away, physically as well as mentally, there is space for something new. An opening for new possibilities.

See this post for more about my spiral-shaped model of the creative process in 4 phases and 11 steps.

Fördelar med att avsluta ett projekt. När du avslutar ett projekt så stärks inte bara självförtroendet utan både fysiskt och mentalt utrymme frigörs för nya möjligheter.

Se detta inlägg för min spiralformade modell av den kreativa processen.  

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