Monday, December 26, 2016

Swedish podcasts about writing and reading

Here is my current shortlist of podcasts about writing (and reading!) - all in Swedish:


The first writing podcast I encountered was Författarpodden, by writers Frida Skybäck and Agnes Hellström. They decided to start the kind of podcast they would have liked to listen to when they began writing, with inside information about writing and publishing. The first 39 episodes were published in 2014-15, but a new episode 40 was published in September 2016 and I keep my fingers crossed for more.

This podcast is still one of my absolute favorites as it has the perfect mix of personal experience and  information about the writing and publishing business! You can listen to it here.

Skriv en bestseller - eller en annan bok

The brand-new podcast Skriv en bestseller - eller en annan bok only started this fall (2016), by writers Ninni Schulman och Caroline Eriksson. In 40 episodes spread out over a year they intend to take the listener from idea to finished text.

Ninni and Caroline have set up a great format with 10 steps or topics, each split up into four episodes. In the first two episodes, they discuss the topic (e.g. ideas or characters), in the third episode they interview another writer about their take on this topic, and in the fourth episode they respond to listener questions.

I was excited to hear that they have partnered with the Writing Academy (Skrivarakademin, where I studied writing for a year) and that they will interview several of the teachers in subsequent episodes, such as principal Anna Schulze in episode #7! Listen to the podcast here.


Begun in 2014, Skrivarpodden is published by Kerstin Önnebo, an aspiring writer who decided to find out what it takes to write a book and get published. Her podcast is still going strong with over 63 episodes at the time of this post.

She not only discusses the writing process, but also interviews a plethora of people, from published writers, editors, publishers, and agents, to writing teachers, PR people, critics, legal representatives, booksellers, librarians - and even readers! Listen to it here.

Mellan raderna

Mellan raderna is actually a podcast about reading, by Karin Jihde, PR person and writer, and Peppe Öhman, journalist and writer. Begun in 2015, they discuss books they have read (or listened to), both fiction and non-fiction. At the time of this post, episode #60 was recently published.

As an extra bonus and a nod to Peppe's heritage, quite a few books in Finland-Swedish are reviewed, books written by the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland! Listen to it here.

Bladen brinner

Another podcast about reading started this year is Bladen brinner by writers Lisa Bjärbo och Johanna Lindbäck. They discuss literature for children and youth, interview writers from both Sweden and abroad, and give tips about books for young readers. However, the podcast is aimed at adults, from teachers and librarians to parents and anyone else interested in children's literature. At this point, they are planning to do 20 episodes and have been funded on Kickstarter.

For a sample in English, check out the interview with German fantasy writer Cornelia Funke in episode #2! Find the podcast here.

Översättning. Poddar om skrivande och läsande som jag gillar!

Thursday, December 1, 2016


Pen drawing
© 2016 Anna C./See. Be. Draw.

Admiring the architecture of the trees
Columns, beams, cantilevers
Tension, compression
Contraction, expansion

So much stillness, patience, strength, and beauty

Stillness and calm on a gray winter day

 Översättning. Jag beundrar trädens arkitektur.