Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Artist's Quiz

Starting off 2017 with a quiz just for artists! If you like to take part, feel free to adjust it to your own medium as this is in part geared toward watercolor artists - and don't forget to link back!

In the studio
1. By the kitchen table or a room of one’s own?
A room of my own.

2. By the window or by the wall?
Neither, my art table is in the middle of the studio, allowing access from all sides and preventing walls to be splashed with paint! If I had to choose one, though, I would choose "by the window" with daylight coming from the left side as I am right-handed.

3. Alone or in company?
I have to be alone for the mind to be able to roam as freely as it needs to create.

4. Silence or music?

5. Neat or messy?
Messy while I paint, neat when I don't. I love coming into a clean and well-organized studio in the morning!

6. Boxes filled with new art materials or staying with the tried and true?
I try to stay with the art materials I know work for me, but I also do try out new things occasionally to keep things interesting.

En plein air
7. Buildings, cars and bikes or trees, flowers and bees?
I prefer the natural world's irregularities to the sleeker lines and shapes of the man-made.

8. Alone or with a sketching buddy?
A sketching buddy is always nice.

9. Moleskine or a custom sketchbook?
I use both, depending on what paper I like to use.

10. Fountain pen or other pen?
Ten years ago, I used a fountain pen exclusively, these days I go for ease and use roller-ball or fineliner pens.

11. (Water)colors or black and white?
Usually black-and-white if I am out sketching, sometimes I use watercolors too.

12. Talk to passersby or hide behind sunglasses?
Being an introvert, I will be the one behind sunglasses.

In the paintbox
13. Watercolor tubes or pans?
I buy tubes and add color to whole pans - as well as use the paint straight from the tubes on a palette.

14. Granulating pigments or smooth colors?
Granulating colors, of course!

15. Arches or Fabriano?
Both, or perhaps neither. I mostly use Strathmore and Canson, occasionally using Arches and Fabriano.

16. Cold press, rough or hot press (or soft press)?
Cold press.

17. Round or flat brushes?
Mostly round brushes.

18. Sable or synthetic?
I have had good results with a mixture of sable and synthetic, which makes for durable brushes that can hold quite a bit of paint and water.

19. A clean palette or leave the color mixes for the next day?
I clean the palette or paintbox after painting, since I rarely want the same mixes the next time.

On the mind
20. Left-handed or right-handed?

21. Patience is a virtue or speed is of the essence?
I like to work quickly.

22. Sketch first or paint directly?
I usually paint directly.

23. More thinking than painting or more painting than thinking?
I spend a lot of time thinking - which is what enables me to paint directly without sketching first.

24. Embrace coincidences and mistakes or toss them?
Embrace coincidences! That's what watercolors are all about! That being said, there are times when a painting just cannot be rescued and one has to start over.

Hope you enjoyed this quiz!

Översättning. Jag satte precis ihop ett quiz för konstnärer! 

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